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Rigorous Core Curriculum

We have thoughtfully chosen dynamic, rigorous curriculum to best meet the needs of our students.  Critical thinking and problem solving are promoted.  Games and projects keep learning fun!

The Core curriculum is supported by:
  • Enriching electives such as Spanish, Art, and Music
  • Research & presentation opportunities
  • Projects & hands-on learning
  • At-home learning (Parental involvement required)
  • Monthly Field Trips
  • Summer Learning





With the use of Book Shark's History through Literature program, we'll be reading lots of books that correspond to the historical figures and time periods of our history theme for the year.  Reading Classes will also use Reading Eggs, a dynamic online learning tool, for improving reading comprehension and spelling.


Singapore Math's Math in Focus program, an excellent and rigorous program, will form the base of our Math Curriculum.  Additional facts drills will done using Rocket Math.

Language Arts

Students will become great writers through the Institute for Excellence in Writing program.  Grammar will be covered with Growing with Grammar.  Both handwriting and cursive will be taught as well with Handwriting Without Tears and Cursive in Pictures.


Students will learn by doing!  Our Science class, using Pearson Interactive Science, will complete lots of labs using scientific inquiry and discovery.

Social Studies

We'll explore history through Literature using Book Shark. 

Foreign Language


All students will learn Spanish through song and conversation.


Katie Shields, from Shields Studios, will lead engaging music classes weekly.  Students will prepare and participate in both Christmas and Spring program


All students will create with all types of mediums, as well as learning Art History as we go.

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