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Key Features of our school include:

  • Kindergarten through 7th Grade (8th Grade new for 2024-2025!)

  • Unique 3 day/week Hybrid Schedule 

  • Designed for Advanced Learners (Admission test required)

  • Rigorous Core Curriculum

  • Enriching Electives (Art, Music, Spanish)

  • Monthly Field Trips

  • Personal, Family-like Environment

  • Fun extra-curricular activities


Northshore Prep Academy is the Northshore's only hybrid private school for advanced learners in Mandeville, Louisiana.  We serve Kindergarten to 7th grade students (8th grade coming 2024-2025) who are academically advanced and enjoy learning. If you have a child that needs a challenge and is looking for a hybrid setting so you can still play a vital role in your child's life then this is the place for you. Our curriculum is tailored for high achievers who value the importance of education and wish to pursue a higher education in their future.  We believe in the importance of a low student teacher ratio. This gives the teacher the opportunity to truly get to know your child and most importantly, your child's learning style in order to properly prepare them for their next chapter in their academic career.  In and out of the classroom, students explore and extend their abilities, test their ideas, and acquire the skills to be positive and productive citizens. Led by exceptional and caring teachers and mentors, our students are encouraged to grow into their best selves. We believe the best way to prepare students for the future is to provide an environment that brings out their best in the academic, extracurricular, and personal domains. Northshore Prep offers rich opportunities for students to discover and nurture their own talents, develop self-confidence, and unleash their creative potentials, fostering a challenging and supportive environment where inspiration has no limits.

"The mission of Northshore Preparatory Academy is to work alongside families to deliver an advanced education which encourages learners with unique strengths and needs to foster independence, think critically, solve problems, and create and share new ideas while prioritizing family relationships."

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