Please come Tuesday, March 26 @ 6PM to learn more about the Northshore's newest private school! If you have an academically advanced student looking for a unique educational setting to help foster their love of learning, then this is the school for you.



Don't forget to register for IOWA testing by the 22nd to receive a FREE Practice test (a $15 value!)

The practice test will be available for pick up the first week of March and is something you can work with your child on at home. The IOWA test is a great standardized testing option for those wishing to see a formal score report with nationalized norms. It's a great way to measure progress year-over-year.


Why did we choose the IOWA? 

*The IOWA test is the most up-to-date standardized test available*

1) Far more updated norms than the CAT test. In our opinion, the CAT test is outdated and not a true reflection of how your child would compare with today's students.

2) The Stanford 10 has been discontinued and is no longer making new editions.


Our annual IOWA testing event for K-12th grades is approaching and this year we are offering TWO different sessions , so you can pick the one that best fits your schedule! All students who register by February 22nd will receive a FREE Practice test!


Testing Sessions are as follows:

Session 1: Saturday April 6th & Saturday April 13. All students will have to attend BOTH Saturdays from 9:00-approx.12:30 (except for Kindergarten, who will only attend on April 6)

Session 2: Monday May 13th & Tuesday May 14th All students will have to attend BOTH days from 9:00-approx.12:30 (except for Kindergarten, who will only attend on May 13)


The IOWA test is a nationally norm standardized test, so you will receive a detailed score report indicating your child's performance relative to peers nationally.

If you are registered with the state through the Home Study option, you will be required to submit documentation in order to renew for next school year, and the IOWA test meets that requirement.


We need to order testing materials approximately 6 weeks prior to testing, so you'll need to secure a spot by March 1st for testing Session 1 and April 1st for testing Session


You may be able to register late with an expedited shipping fee, but it's not a guarantee.

To register, e-mail us at or call 985-778-0393 with the following info:
child's name, child's birth date, grade level test they will be taking, and parent's name, phone number, and e-mail address.


Testing fee is $75, which is due at the time of registration. Payment may be made by cash, check (payable to NHEC), or credit card (a 2.5% processing fee applies). This covers the cost of the test, the detailed scoring and score report, and the proctoring. Seating is limited and we usually have a very full house, so please register early!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the test or its administration

Summer Learning Loss is Real!


But with our Use it! Don't Lose it! program, your can give your child a head start on the new school year. This is "FUN" Summer school! 3 days a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays) from 9:00-12:30 for grades K -12th. Keep those brains working! Students will work on Summer Bridge Activities for Learning to review previous grade level material and prepare for next grade level. Two Sessions: A: May 28 - June 20 and B: June 25 - July 18. $295/session or $550 for both.



July 15th-19th
9:00 am-1:00 pm
Ages: 6-12
Instructor: Mrs. Rachel Williams
To register: Call 985-778-0393 or e-mail

Campers will enjoy creating beautiful art with their very own Art Show on the last day!


July 8 - 12 ~ Ages 5-8
9:00-12:30 ~ $150


Join Mrs. Frizzle on a wonderful Science adventure! We’ll be doing tons of fun experiments and art projects! Experiments include topics such as:
*Light, Rainbows, and Mirrors*
*The Human Body*
*Bacteria & Fungi*
*Acids & Bases*
*Solids, Liquids, and Gases*
*Stars and Planets*

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